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Book Recommendation: Unpararlleled by Jared C. Wilson

           It will come as no surprise to my family and my church that I have a great interest in apologetics.  I read a lot in this area.  To be clear, apologetics is not the study of how to humbly seek forgiveness for wrongs one may have engaged in. explains apologetics as:      The meaning of the word Apologetics comes from the Greek apologia which means a 'defense' or 'answer.' Christian apologetics is the body of knowledge that defends the philosophical, historical and doctrinal truth of true Christianity against attacks by others who possess (usually) a very different belief system. As you can imagine the study of Christian apologetics tends to include a lot of philosophical and theological terminology, theories and ideas.  To be honest, a lot of reading in apologetics can be boring and heady.  I appreciate the deep thinkers of Christian apologetics but every once in a while I come across a remarkably fulfilling presentation for reason to bel