Rio 2016

Christo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) is a powerful reminder to the people of the world of God's grace demonstrated through his Son, Jesus Christ.
We had just share Jesus with this group of cruise ship entertainers on Copacabana Beach for the day.
It's always fun to celebrate our home country.  Here a family from Utah show off their American flag and then I shared the Gospel of Jesus with them.

Always be prepared.  I went to get a cheeseburger for dinner, ran into this young woman out to dinner with her grandmother and shared the Gospel with them both.  Granted, the granddaughter had to interpret my English into Portgaguse for her grandmother.  They were both so excited to hear the name Jesus!  A great time of encouragement with a couple of sisters in Christ from Brazil.
A great group of passionate evangelists.  The ISC Team is committed to making Christ known to the nations gathered during the Olympic Games.

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