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Why "Beyond the Rings"?

The Olympics are athletes competing, countries bragging, and cultures mixing.  The atmosphere in an Olympic host city is unlike any I have ever experienced.  Each is unique and impacted greatly by the culture of the people of that culture and country.  People are open to meeting people from all over the world.  As in all of life, there is a significant spiritual element unseen yet very much present.  That is what is meant by "Beyond the Rings". There is more going on, much more important and lasting.  The one true God is at work in bringing lives together in this space and time for the purpose of sharing the greatest story ever told.  Men, women, boys, and girls are hearing of God's love for them, many, for the very first time.  Seeds of truth are being sown, prayers for clarity, understanding, surrender, and salvation are being lifted and lasting impacts for this life and for eternity are taking place. All of this is communicated in one image I saw after the London 201

Preaching Source Guest Blog Post

  Recently I had the privilege to write a blog post for The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's preaching website, Click here to read  Preaching Source The Text: Removing Assumptions

Olympic Ministry Memory: Athens 2004

Recently I had the opportunity to display my Olympic Pins & Memorabilia at my daughter's elementary school as part of their Culture Night.  It is always an exciting walk down memory lane as I pull out each pin and memorabilia card to place on the display.  As I was putting the display away, I discovered some of my memorabilia from Athens 2004 that I had misplaced.  Athens was an incredible place to visit and the atmosphere during the Summer 2004 Olympic Games was electric.  It was, after all, the 100 year anniversary of the modern Olympics.  One of the most amazing things about being in this incredible city was the significant history represented.  From the ruins of the Parthenon to the old streets, history was present everywhere I looked.  But, without a doubt, the most significant place I was able to visit was the Areopagus, also known as Mars Hill.  This historical site is where the Athenian philosophers and leaders would gather to debate and reason truth.  It was