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Tokyo 2020 Delay

    Today, Friday, July 24, 2020 was to be the Opening Ceremonies and official kick off to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.  My plan, along with millions in person and many more millions watching on tv around the world, was to spend the next 17 days focused on sports, competition. culture and the Gospel.       It has been months since I have written anything regarding Beyond the Rings Olympic Ministry.   I apologize to my many faithful Olympic ministry supporters for being silent for so long.  I just recently came to the understanding that I have been in mourning about the cancelling of this Summer's Olympic ministry outreach.  Tokyo 2020, like so much with the new, unpredictable COVID-19 world in which we live, took a major hit and was postponed until next Summer.     The Summer of 2020 marks my 20th Anniversary of Olympic ministry outreach.  The Summer of 2000 found me "down under" in Sydney, Australia for my very first Olympic ministry experience.  As I have